A Visit From the Hoskin Family

In January 2018 the Hoskin family from New Zealand came to visit us.  The whole family assisted us in the development of the Nong Yai 10 Community Centre.


Sheridan used his building skills to create the kitchen servery benches.  Lisa and the children painted.


The garden wall was painted. Trellis was added for climbing plants.  Garden furniture and pots created a pleasant atmosphere.


Nong Yai 10 Community Centre Courtyard

A courtyard area has been developed at Nong Yai 10 Community Centre.  This is a covered concreted area where people can sit and enjoy a drink on the garden seat.  The covered area gives shelter in the rainy season and adds extra teaching space.  When we have a community dinner we can use this area for seating. An additional small room was added on when Jerry Preston came to volunteer his skills. The room will become the new kitchen.

A New Roof for Nong Yai Community Centre

In June 2017 Steve Holmstrom and his team came from the USA and replaced the roof on Nong Yai 10 Community Centre.  This meant the room stayed a lot drier in the rainy season.


Steve Homstrom and Lhen Lhen the social worker for Mercy Centre at the building site. 


The room was gutted and the new roof went on. Lhen Lhen and Ruth inspect the work.


The church service was held under the stars that night. 

A Brighter Future for the Children of Nong Yai Community

Nong Yai Community Centre is open and thriving. We are running an after school English programme for the children in this needy community.


Since May 2016, we have been partnering with Mercy Pattaya to bring about change and hope for the future.  Social Worker, Lhen Lhen Mortella works with families and assists them.

Initially we were holding our classes outside under the trees.  Then the opportunity came up to rent a small dilapidated building within the community for a very low cost.  A lot of work was required to bring the building up to a standard where we could use it for outreach.  Concreting was done.  Doorways were created.  A toilet was added.  A water pump was put in. Electricity was connected.  A safe haven was created for the children to visit and learn.

Nong Yai future church

Before Renovations 2016  


  After Renovations 2017

Weekly programmes include an After School English Class, Bible Study Life Group and Guitar Class.  The Ban Reum Jai church are partnering with us and holding a church service there once per month. Slowly but steadily the next generation can grow towards a much better future.


The next step is to replace the leaking roof and build on a small kitchen area, so we can separate the kitchen from the toilet.

Guitar lessons with Yan

Guitar Class

Purchase of a Toyota Van

A Toyota Van for the Ministry


Transporting the team to the various venues where we teach English has not always been easy. When we take our large team out to Ban Beung Juvenile Detention Centre, we need to transport 18 people.  We also have many boxes of gear and musical instruments.  In the past we hired a minivan with a Thai driver at a cost of NZ $80 (2000 baht) per morning.  Our Ford Ranger vehicle is getting older and three times it has broken down on the way to an event.

So, it was with great excitement that we were able to purchase a Toyota minivan for our ministry.  It is a 15 seater and has air conditioning inside!  We would like to thank the many people who donated money towards the purchase of this vehicle.  We know that it is going to be used widely for many different ministries around Pattaya.


Our ministry team is ready to depart for Ban Nernplubwan School

A Trip Back to New Zealand

At the end of March 2016 Paul and I traveled back to New Zealand to reconnect with family, our sending church and our supporters.  Spending time with our family was high on our list of priorities. April 2016

Paul’s mum Mabel Shelling, continues to live independently and well at the age of 90 years.  We love to visit her.


Our two granddaughters in Whakatane, Eva and baby Grace are a delight.


Grace is such a smiley baby.


Six year old Georgia loves to do things with us after school.  This photo is taken after we climbed up the Richmond foothills to the viewpoint. New Zealand is so lush and green at this time of year.


Ruth at the marina walkway at Whangarei.


Joseph (Magda’s husband) with his lastest pig on the back of the utility vehicle.  His dog called Goose loves these early morning hunts. The pig meat was made into sausages for us all to eat.


We enjoyed family walks in beautiful New Zealand.